The right weight lifting workout can help you really dominate your sport.

…But you have to be very careful.

You are still growing and still developing.

7 Tips To Weight Lifting For Boys (Ages 12-18)

Note: If you are younger than 12 you really don’t need weight training.

You should do body lifts like push ups, pull ups, sit ups, crunches, running, jump in jacks, and calisthenics. Your main focus should be on learning the technique of your sport, eating health, and developing a good base of conditioning for later.

1. Focus on major muscles only. There’s no need for you to do arm curls and forearm rolls. You need to focus on your large major muscle groups and develop them first.

Do squats, bench press, dead lifts, and lat pull downs. Those are the muscles that you want to focus on. The large muscle of the legs, butt, chest, and back.

2. Lift 2-3 times per week. Weight lifting 2-3 times per week allows for you to really get in some good workouts, but also allows for the correct amount of recovery time. This is critical at your age.

3. Do 5 sets of each lift. The first set should be a warm up set of at least 15 reps. Then do 12, 12, 10, and 8 to start.

4. Focus on form form form. You want to each set and rep with the correct form. This will decrease the chance of injury and to work the correct muscles.

5. Eat good (FEED THE MUSCLE). Make sure that you eat enough protein (meat, dairy products, beans, etc…) Also make sure that you eat enough carbohydrates for energy. (Like pasta, rice, potatoes, wheat bread, veggies, fruits). Because you’re young, you need to make sure that you have enough energy because you know us boys, we burn a lot of it.

6. Drink plenty of water. You body needs water for everything. So, make sure that you drink at least 8 or so glasses every day and more during workouts. It will also help a lot to clear up any acne or irritations you might have from sweating all the time.

7. Go slow (@ first, once you have great form, and good strength, do more explosive lifts starting wih lighter weight). Don’t do lifts fast when you first start lifting… slow down a little.

Go up at a steady pace, and down at a slower pace. Push at a steady pace and pull at a slower pace. This will help you do develop your muscle strength in both directions and help you to get stronger, decrease injury in your sport, and develop a better all around body.

Hope this weight lifting for boys post helps you to totally dominate your sport. You can do it… I believe in you!


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