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"Learn The Little-Known Secrets That Most High School Athletes & Their Parents Will Never Know, (That Their Guidance Counselors & Coaches Can't Tell Them), About How To Get Recruited And Get An Athletic Scholarship To A Dream Fit College Athletic Program"

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"How To Start Getting Heavily Recruited In 7 Days Or Less, Guaranteed... Without Having To Pay Some EXPENSIVE High School Recruiting Service, Traveling To High Priced & Overcrowded Camps, Spending A Tremendous Amount Of Time Sending eMails & DMs That Go Un-Replied To... Giving Hours & Hours To Profile Updating, Waiting For Your HS Coach To Get Your Name Out There, Kissing Lots Of Behind... Or Waiting FOR EVER For Your First Offer."

  • Discover How To Get INSTANT Results Using The Most Successful, Proven And Guaranteed High School Athletic Recruiting System Ever Revealed! Read This Report, And You'll Discover The Incredibly Simple Way To Get Almost ALL Of Your Dream Fit College Athletic Programs To Contact You...
  • ...Plus Learn How To Get ALL Of Your Questions About Being Recruited, Getting Scholarships, And Dealing With Recruiters And The Recruiting Process Answered From Parents, Coaches, And Other Athletes Who Have Been (Or Are Going Through) The Fire Right Now...
  • You don't have to be the greatest athlete in the world, a blue chip all american, or even break any high school records to get a box full of letters and be highly recruited... you just have to be a good athlete who knows how to contact the right person, at the right time, with the right message - and that... we can help you do!


"Who Else Wants To Get Recruited To Play Your Sport In College …And Get An Athletic Scholarship To Do It?"

FREE BONUS #1 - The Recruiting Secret's: Project Overload!  The exact EMERGENCY Recruiting formula & process I used to go from 0 – 150+ coaches to contact me in 7 Days.

Use the Step-By-Step Recruiting System to start getting recruited right away!  (Most student-athletes absolutely miss this.  And spend time doing things that aren't very effective for doing the MOST important job you're trying to do... and that's getting interested college programs to contact you.)

This program will show you how to find schools and programs that are a match for you.

  • And EXACTLY what you should send to those schools,

And show you exactly what you should do to get those school to contact you.

FREE BONUS #2 - 10+ Recruiting Videos: In these videos you'll learn:

  • What to expect from the coaches and recruiters that will be contacting you, You'll have a better understanding of what they are trying to accomplish and how it must be done,
  • A BIG question many student-athletes have is: "Am I good enough to play in college?"  You'll find out if you're indeed good enough to get a scholarship (and how to compare yourself to other athletes to truly determine your worth to each school - yes your worth is different to each school - here's how to figure it out),
  • How to get and keep the attention of the schools that you are most interested in (and how to determine if they are serious about you), and much much more.
  • The HS Recruiting Formula Explained.  There's an exact step-by-step process to getting recruited & getting a scholarship.  Here's what you need to do to make your dream come true.
  • "A" - "B" Pile or Trash?  Did your information just get tossed in the trash?  And how to keep it out... and become front of mind for the colleges you're most interested in.
  • The Recruiting Letter:  A video breakdown of exactly how to craft one of the most important parts of this whole process so that coaches actually want to reach out to you (remember, they have something on the line to, so help them feel good about choosing you!)

FREE BONUS #3 - Our Recruiting Grab Bag (Includes):

  • The Recruiting Checklist (Know exactly everything you need to be doing during the recruiting process - and easily be able to keep track of what's been done.),
  • A Sample Recruiting Letter: use this template to create your own recruiting letter to send to the schools that you are interested in...
  • ...Guides, and a few short to the point eReports (Get interesting insights from a mom, a female out-of-country-athlete, and a high school coach about getting recruited)
  • A Simple Way To Separate Your Personal & Recruiting Social Internet Presence
  • Plus weekly added articles, interviews, videos, reports... 1-on-1 student athlete counseling, advice & heads up from other recruits, plus entries into any scholarship & sport equipment giveaways we do.

To learn EXACTLY what to do to start getting recruited right now and get help along the way through the recruiting process (from me, our student athlete counselors, & from other parents & athletes who have just gone through, or are going through the recruiting process right now, just click the button below to join and download all your FREE BONUSES just for giving us a try...)

Coaches, recruits, and scouts will seek you out…instead of you chasing them down.

The Recruiting Flow Chart That does NOT Change

Solid Athlete + The Recruiting Secret = A Very Fun Recruiting Experience (& Hopefully An Athletic Scholarship)

Why Should I Learn The Recruiting Secret Now?

Because EVERY SINGLE DAY a letter, inquiry, questionnaire, social reply, email, call is going out that could have been yours.

Each program ONLY HAS a certain, finite, limited number of offers they can give out.  It's more freely given early, while getting tighter and tighter when there is little pie left.

If you haven’t already noticed competition is getting stiffer.  Athletes are getting better. There is more coverage of high school sports. The amount of money parents have to donate is getting higher.

Plus college programs just don't have the budget that most people think that they do for recruiting (especially in non high-profile sports).

This works for any sport…

What I mean is…

If you want to stand out in front of the crowd, and you want to get an athletic scholarship to the school of your choice, you will definitely have a advantage.

Time goes by fast.

Before you know it your sophomore, your junior, your senior year, and then graduation will be upon you and if you haven’t put this secret to work you will always wonder “what if…”

What About Recruiting Services?

They blast your name to dozens (hundreds or even thousands for that matter) of coaches then sit back and wait.

Wait??? you don’t have time for waiting. Plus you are limited to the coaches that are in their system.

You can’t risk waiting.
You can’t risk your future.
You can’t risk your scholarship.

Getting recruited is about matching your abilities and talents with a school who needs you and has the money available.

Getting recruited is about personalization.

Getting recruited is about building relationships quickly.

Getting recruited is about YOU recruiting the school as much as they recruit you…

…about you learning about the school and program as much as you want them to get after you.

It's about being engaged and involved.

They don’t want someone to tell them we admire your school and program when they haven’t had a winning season in like 7 years. They want you to be real…be you, and take the time to learn a little about them.

This Is What The Recruiting Secret Is All About.

So, let me as you this question…

“If I Can Show You A Way To Get Dozens Of College Scouts, Recruiters, And Coaches To Contact You In A Week Or Two… Would You Join A Student Athlete Counseling Program That Shows You How?"...

I wish that when my family & I had recruiting questions, we had someone to talk to...

You. Now. Do.

"Learn The Secrets That Most Student-Athletes & Parents Will Never Know About How To Get Most, If Not All, Of Your Dream College Programs To "Come To You"... Send You Letters And Postcards, Recruit You, & Make You Scholarship Offers!"

...You can ask all the questions you want (whenever you need) and see the questions and answers to athletes that are successfully being recruited.

Plus you get all of the updated & NEW recruiting information that we come out with in the future for free just for joining Championship Circle University.

It’s only $97 now, and $47 per month after.


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If decide to stay you will only be billed one-time $1 for the first 7 days, then just $19.97 per month after (unlimited updates, new weekly content, monthly counseling, advice, and help) with 1-click cancel anytime.

Kim Turner, Ontario, Canada

I was an out-of-country recruit & a girl, and it worked for me. I became a huge recruit. There’s nothing like the thrill of playing college sports. If it wasn’t for putting to use the info that the athletes who get “The Recruiting Secret” will get, I would have never gotten to play Div I on a full ride, because they definitely don’t just beat your door down out here unless you use these secrets…

Kim Turner, Ontario, Canada Pitcher/Utility; Texas A&M Softball
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You don't have to be the greatest athlete in the world, a blue chip all American, or even break any high school records to get a box full of letters and be highly recruited... you just have to be a good athlete who knows how to contact the right person, at the right time, with the right message - and that... we can help you do!

P.S. Extra Extra Read All About IT! Athlete Blows The Lid Off How To Be Recruited In High School, And Get An Athletic Scholarship…

P.P.S.  If you would like to play your sport in college, if you would like to get a scholarships to do it, without having to wait hoping that you are seen and recruited... but be able to have confidence that the coaches & recruiters indeed have your information and know that you are interested and serious about being apart of their program... then click the button below or above and Join "Championship Circle University" at least for the week and see if it's for you.

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