Here’s info about NCAA Initial Eligibility and how to get NCAA Eligible and registered.

If you want to play sports in the NCAA you have to go through the NCAA Eligibility Center (aka the NCAA Clearinghouse).

It’s the governing body for monitoring the Eligibility of student-athletes to play sports at schools that are in the NCAA (mainly Div I or Div II). That is it’s purpose. You can not play in the NCAA is you don’t get registered & get eligible.

And is actually a good scale to judge where you are academically for any school in any division.

NCAA Initial Eligibility: SAT, ACT Test, GPA, & Getting Eligible

First you will want to get registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

That’s just a matter of filling out a form and paying the small fee.

SAT & ACT Test Taking

Next whenever you take the SAT or the ACT you put the Eligibility Center as a “recipient”. The Center’s Code is: “9999”. This will automatically send your test score to the Center. If you have already taken the test then you can have your “official” test scores sent to the Center.

Now, you also have to have your “official transcript” sent to the Eligibility Center from your high school guidance counselor.

To be eligible you have a GPA (for core courses) and Test score that match on the “sliding scale”. The higher your GPA the lower you “have” to score.

Core Courses & Graduation


To be eligible to play the first your first year you need to: graduate in 8 semesters from the time you enter high school (9th grade) and have a minimum GPA of 2.3 and a minimum sum test score of 980 for the SAT and 75 for the ACT. (THIS IS ALWAYS CHANGING) Keep an eye on the College Bound Student Athlete Guide to know what’s the new info.

This is a quick description on NCAA Initial Eligibility.

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