Here’s how to play golf better, shoot lower scores, and have more fun playing the game to. Below you will find four tips to a better, easier, and more competitive golf game.

The game of golf (like many games), has been made out to be a little harder than it should be. The key to lowering your scores as fast as possible start by simplifying the game. This is the KEY to the game. As you know it’s complicated enough already.

How To Play Golf Better

Tip #1: Find a club selection that allows you to play comfortably within your game. Finally I am seeing players start to get rid of the long irons, and add hybrids and woods to their bags.

I think this is a very smart move.

They are easy to hit consistently and you get more distance.

“The last thing you want to do is have to pull out a club that you are inconsistent with and have little confidence using.”

Tip #2: Put your money into lessons before clubs. Although clubs are important, you can grab a random set of clubs from a friend or from the Salvation Army and still shoot close to par.

Usually clubs aren’t the problem, it’s your swing and approach to the game.

Start by getting swing lessons before you worry about buying the hottest and newest shiny club.

Tip #3: Get great at your money clubs (driver, putter, wedges). Over 80% of all of the shots that you take will be taken with one of these three clubs.

So, this is where you get the best bang for your buck and for your practice time.  Spend 80%+ of your practice time with these clubs.

Tip #4: Learn from the best… find the best pros in your state & get lessons. It’s one thing to get lessons, it’s a whole ‘nother thing to get lessons from the best teachers.

You may love your coach, and that fine, but the tips that you can learn from the best teachers/coaches are so valuable.

Try to get a few lessons from the best in your area.

You don’t need many, just to get a good foundation and when ever you want to improve your game or are seeing troubles in your game that you can’t seem to fix.

Now that you know how to play golf better by simplifying the game so that you can quickly (& more confidently) shoot lower score… start today.

Rootin’ for ya always,

Kenney Jr.

P.S.  If you’re unsure of your swing and would like to try something a little different, and quite honestly to me, easier… then check out: Little Moe


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