It’s simple really.

The internet has COMPLETELY leveled the playing field on starting a business.  On Opportunity!

1.  “And blogs, have given every single one of us, an equal opportunity to start a business and make money from it from… and from day #1… with little money needed to get started.”

And I am not saying you will, but I am saying “that’s what’s possible”.

2.  With no experience.  Non-techy backgrounds.

You can run your blog (business) from a giant corporation, or from a broken down car sitting outside of Starbucks, borrowing their WiFi.


It doesn’t matter.  You have the same chance, the same opportunity as anyone in the world, to make money.

You can use it to share whatever message your want, whatever love you have, whatever passion that drives you.

4.  And you can do it today.  Right now.

There are no rules, no limits, no barriers.

That’s why I love blogs.

You can share a message, get people to read it, and all you have to really be able to do is 1-finger peck at a keyboard to do it.

5.  If you can text, write a message on Facebook or do a search on Google… you have the skill it takes to maintain your own blog.

I started my first one in 2004…

And it was a whole lot better than trying to read and build a site staring at a “html coding for dummies book” at 2 am trying to make a “box” with an image on the screen for 45 minutes.

Now you can create a whole blog in 45 minutes, have it up and running.. and driving traffic to it that could share your message &/or make you some money.

I’ve since made hundreds of blogs.  Some for me.  Some for friends.  Some I sold.  Some I just let go.  This one I created in 2007.

Some have been great.  Some I loved.  Some I lost interest in.

But each one has brought me on a journey to where I am today.

Baby Jacen helping daddy blog
“Hey daddy, you blogging?”

I have three kids, my four month old is laying on the couch next to me as I write this.  I’m playing with him and talking to you right now.

So easy a baby could do it… well, not that easy, but one could lay next to you as you do 🙂 Lol.

But I want to give you that power.

The power to change your life, your journey, and the lives of others.  To have impact and/or to make money using your blog… at will.

It’s been one of the most freeing things in my life… and I hope now, in yours.

To know that you have a vehicle to create a business, that you can use with confidence.

And I’d love to pass it on to you, and to whoever wants to have a vehicle that can adapt to them, and their strengths, and their loves.

How To Make Money Blogging

Well, first to get your side hustle on, and make start making side income that could potentially become full time income while working part time, you need a blog.

Here’s my FREE tutorial on: “How To Start A Blog”. (opens new tab)

SIDENOTE:  And just because you create a blog, doesn’t mean that you have to write a ton of content, or post everyday or anything like that (but you can if you want).  You can blog in your own way, on your own schedule, or not really post much at all, and just use it for a few main post and focus on your money pages… it’s open to do it how ever you like it!

1.  Making money blogging (or online period) is actually no different than making money in the “real world”.  It’s just that the (in most cases) entire transaction happens online.

For the most part, you need to sell something… exchange value (i.e. product, service, idea) for money.

Even if you just have ads on your site, you’re selling ads space (i.e. Google Adsense) you’re still selling something.

Space on your site.

It’s just easy because you only have to create the content and traffic.  Then just “copy paste” Google code on your site (super easy), and they handle the rest.

If you have ever bought something online… like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Target, Home Depot, Walmart… it’s no different, except now you’re the seller, and making the money.

2.   These days the most popular products to sell online are:

A.  Digital affiliate (how-to) type products.

This is my favorite.  The margins are high.  They can be tailored to fit any market.  You can start today.  You don’t have to create the product.  You don’t have to do the customer service.  You don’t have to have a complicated blog.

=> You just have to master one thing: how to push the traffic from your site to the affiliate site through your unique affiliate link.

An example of a product like that would be: Commission Hero (opens a new tab).

If anyone buys that product, through that link above, I’d make 40%.

=> (Actually you should watch the video and attend that webinar, you don’t have to buy anything, but the guy is doing a tremendous amount of money with affiliate marketing, and you can learn a lot just watching the webinar from one of (if not the) most successful digital product affiliate marketers in the world).

That’s what’s unique about being a “affiliate marketer”.  You are making money off of someone else’s product, customer service, time.  But it’s a benefit to both parties.  So, they pay well.

B. Selling a ‘physical product’ (like: workout bands, socks, custom canvases or mugs, tee shirts, supplements, survival gear, camping gear, and etc.)… real world products that you use everyday in your own life.

These products can be sourced from sites like Alibaba.com and sold in your own eCommerce store like mine, Etsy, or Amazon (I don’t actually recommend solely using Amazon… it has it’s pros & cons, and I will do a separate post about launching a business on Amazon, shortly.)

C. Selling Ad Space:  The most popular & used site/program for monetizing your content is Google’s Adsense.  Basically you create a piece of content.  Post it.  And either add your ad code or have it to where it automatically gets added to every post you make.

Pro Tip: use ads styles/designs/layouts that get the highest clickthrough rate… usually text based ads.  Also tailor them to match your site colors.  If you get a ‘clickthrough rate’ of 5% (give or take) your doing pretty good.

When a person visits/sees your post, AND clicks on your ad, you make a percentage of the money they paid to be there.

If you are using Google, they handle all of this and send checks out once a month. (DO NOT click your own ads or ask friends to do it, they are tracking everything, you’ll end up losing your account and the money you’ve made.)

You can also use different programs for managing your ads or you can sell the ads yourself.

This is the easiest form of making money online/blogging, but a lot more challenging to get to J.O.B. replacing income.  You need a lot of free or “cheap” traffic to get there.

Free traffic would come from word of mouth, viral traffic from social shares, or search engines like Google, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, Comments on Quora.  “Cheap” traffic could come from anywhere…,  but buying it from individual sites is usually best.

D.  Having your own digital product or membership site/blog.  Yes, this can be run through a blog.  Actually the ONLY way I personally recommend you do it.  An example of this would be my own Championship Circle University.

The reason I saved this one for last is because it can “seem” the most daunting for someone just getting started even though it’s the most profitable.  Especially if you create a membership site (residual, passive, more profits, can have your own affiliates promote, even better tracking for your marketing).

It’s so freeing to be able to have residual income and not always having to work for each new sale and each new dollar every day, every month.  It has passive built right in.

Pro Tip: If you’re selling “one off” products, focus on higher dollar products.  Here’s a video of Neil Patel on stage showing the audience at “Affiliate World Asia” how-to create a $100k/month digital product business.

And if you’re interested at all in starting your own membership, or would just like to find out more info, this is the best FREE training I’ve run across in a long long time about creating your own membership site.

Just the approach is slightly different of than any of the usual “niche” membership creation that I was use to.  Again, you don’t have to buy anything… the FREE training alone is so good (it’s one of the aha type moments).  And the reason I recently adjusted my own membership content.

What you should get outta that training?: how you should create your content, how to find content ideas, whether or not you should create the content and the choices you have, and how broad of a market that you should attack.

Resources (what I use for 100% of all my blogs; all links open new tab):

    • Godaddy for domain name(s)
    • HostGator for hosting (+ they hook you up with $200 in FREE advertising for Google & Bing Ads)
    • OptimizePress to create all “marketing & advertising” pages & landers
    • Digital Access Pass to manage membership site
    • WordSwag App to create cool/fun images for post or to put on physical products like t-shirts/mugs/socks/bags

You have to have a domain name & hosting in order to have your own blog.  But the others are optional.  It’s just what I use to run my blogs, and have for years now.

Alrighty, well I hope that this helps get you started in the right direction.

If you have any questions please comment below.

I have been at this since 2004 when I found out my father-in-law (and great friend) had cancer and moved to Saint Catherines (Niagara Falls), Canada to be there with him as much as I could.

I started using blogs to make money online then because I couldn’t work in Canada yet.  And since then, I have used them to do pretty much everything (market real estate, sell physical products, create membership sites, sell blogs as whole businesses model itself, etc).

I’ve chased almost every “shiny object” out there at some time in the past, and hopefully I can help you find your way faster, sooner, and with less stress or lost money than the ride was for me.

You can also join Championship Circle University.

I just added a section on “how to start & market your blog”.

I mostly speak to athletes, but if you are starting or marketing a blog, it doesn’t matter who you are, the information it will apply to you (and I am also adding a Blogging Chat Group where you can ask all the question you want, and either myself or a group member can chat it up with you).

Well, this was a long post, and I am so thankful that you stayed till the end.  Thank you so much.

I hope that this post can help you to find the direction, and answers to what you’re looking for.  Thanks again, and hope to talk to you soon,

Rootin for ya,

Kenney Jr.


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