Here’s how to jump higher for volleyball, so that you can get more kills, more blocks, and just play a more dominate game above the net.

I love volleyball, I play mainly 2-on-2 sand now.

I remember the first time that I went to the sand, I couldn’t play a lick, but what I could do was jump.  And used that to my benefit.

Being able to jump in volleyball totally changes the game and your value as a player.

You become more versatile and more effective at the game. I went from playing BB to AA in my first outdoor season, mainly because I could jump. Here’s how to increase your vertical for volleyball:

How To Jump Higher For Volleyball

Tip #1: Work on jump form. Most athletes don’t realize that there is a “jump form” that will help you to jump higher.

There are three important joints that take part in every jump (ankles, knees, and hips).

When those joints aren’t in aligned when you jump, then you aren’t getting the needed force from all of your muscles (it’s like misfiring). So, when you jump, be sure to align those three during your takeoff.

Tip #2: Get strong first. Strength is important for being able to jump high.

If you don’t have enough strength (at least able to squat 1.5 x your body weight) you will be limited on your ability to apply the force that you need to jump high.

The important strength points are: your core, your butt (glutes), your thighs, groin, and your hamstrings.

Tip #3: Work on flexibility. I don’t think most athletes understand the important that flexibility plays in both speed & jumping.  Flexibility obviously is important for preventing injuries and for range of motion, but it will also help you to jump higher and run faster.

Tip #4: Quickness is vital. Quickness is your ability to “move” quick.

To “contract” your muscles quick and react fast.

This “contraction” is key in increasing your vertical.  Without fast muscle contractions you won’t increase your vert.  This will also help you to cover the court better and to help you get to more balls and get more digs… AND to get to more sets ready in position for a great kill.

Now that you know how to start to jump higher for volleyball, you can start playing a game that is at a higher level than you are at now.

You can do this!!

Just start following a the jumping tips that I gave you above and you’ll see a huge difference in your vert & your game.

Rootin’ for ya always,

Kenney Jr.


My name is Kenney Edwards, I love high school sports... but was fed up with the lack of information about recruiting and getting an athletic scholarship. So, I created "the recruiting secret" and the S.A.C. program (student athlete counseling) that informs, coaches, and teaches student athletes & their family on exactly what to do... with a student athlete counselor & community that is right by their side every day. Read more here: OUR MISSION: help athletes discover, develop & display their athletic superpower!

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