Here’s how to get recruited for college football. If you would love to play football in college, regardless of what position you play, there a few secrets that you must abide by for that to become a reality for you.

Only do this if you are serious about playing in college, because it will work.

Works every time (unless you really just can’t play or you have an attitude problem).

How To Get Recruited For College Football

Secret #1: How good you are & the sometimes even the stats that you put up (for most athletes) have very little to do with how much you are getting recruited. This is because: more than likely the college coaches don’t know anything about you.

They are swamped with coaching their team, putting together plays & schemes to win, smoozing with alumni & the board, personal lives, recruiting, grades, workouts, and so many other daily time consuming activities that they have only so much time, resources, and money to recruit properly… and especially to recruit outside of their home state or other bordering states.

Secret #2: Getting recruited, starts with you contacting them first. So, many football athletes think that if they are good that coaches are going to seek them out.


I am not saying that you won’t get any letters, or contacts, but you will be limited.

Why do this when you can have choice?

You can find a school that you like and love and that even has a scholarship or a good “financial aid package” available to you.

If you want to get recruited to play ball, then you should initiate first contact.

Secret #3: Grades. Grades. Grades. If you don’t have the grades & aren’t willing to put in the time to make the grades, pass your test (SAT/ACT) then why should coaches spend time in recruiting you?

The chances that you are going to waste their time is very high.

You have to increase your value to coaches and recruiters if you want to become highly recruited.

Take your test or schedule to do so, know your GPA & don’t try and just pass.  Get registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be an A student, but you should strive to do better than just pass (although passing is better than some and you can still get recruited).

Check the “sliding scale” to make sure that you are good with the grades and able to compete at the next level.

Secret #4: Getting recruited must be a priority. You can’t just sit back and hope that everything works out ok.

You have to: search for colleges that you’d be a good fit to play for, contact them, respond to all inquires immediately, be a great athlete who hustles and works hard, keep your grades better than just passing, go on visits, and stay NCAA Eligible.

It takes some work.

Secret #5: One of the most important negotiating strategies is that you are “extremely interested” but that you are “considering other offers”. In order to do this you must have more than one school interested.

And personally, I’d like to see you with at least three.

This is why you should be in contact with more than one college and you should consider all serious offers.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Secret #6: A coach is always looking for great athletes. The goal of every college coach in the recruiting process is to: “find athletes that will help them win football games”.

If you (in a humble way) are able to show them that you can do this, then getting recruited and getting a football scholarship is just the normal progression.

Secret #7: Be likable. The power of being “liked” is so influential in the recruiting process.

Lets say that I am a college football coach and in front of me I have 50 athletes that I am considering for a football scholarship, but I only have 15 I can give out this year.

Who do you think I am more likely to bring in? There are a few small details that separate them from each other, but there are a couple that I really really just like.

Being liked is powerful and when it’s close, has the ability to tip the recruiting process in your favor.

You just learned how to get recruited for college football, but what will you do with the information?

It may seem hard to get recruited, but it’s really not.

It’s really a matter of getting your information in front of the right people at the right time.

If you would love to play football in college, then watch my free video presentation about how I got 193 coaches to call in 2 weeks.

Talk to you soon… always always always rootin’ for ya,



My name is Kenney Edwards, I love high school sports... but was fed up with the lack of information about recruiting and getting an athletic scholarship. So, I created "the recruiting secret" and the S.A.C. program (student athlete counseling) that informs, coaches, and teaches student athletes & their family on exactly what to do... with a student athlete counselor & community that is right by their side every day. Read more here: OUR MISSION: help athletes discover, develop & display their athletic superpower!

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