Here’s how to get a college football scholarship. If you want to play football in college, but aren’t 100% certain on where to start and how to get money for school to do it, then read below.

I am going to give you 6 tips to help you in getting a football scholarship at the school of your choice.

There is nothing like playing sports in college, at any level, it’s a total blast, and if you have what it takes, and want to play, then start doing all that I mention below.

How To Get A College Football Scholarship

Tip #1: First things first… you have to start getting recruited to get a athletic scholarship. That starts by getting in contact with coaches of programs that you would be interested in playing for and attending school at.

Tip #2: Before you contact coaches, you need to get a few things in order. You need to be prepared for when they contact you.

Have you taken the SAT/ACT yet? If not, when?

What are your grades like? Are you taking the required core course requirements?

Any accomplishments or awards? Why do you want to play for their program?

What are your stats like?

These are just a few of the questions that you need to be prepared to answer.

Tip #3: Start getting recruited and contacted by interested coaches that have money.

After you have picked the colleges that you would love to go to and play for, contact the coaches of those programs (be sure to personalize each contact) and give them the pertinent info about you and let them know about your interest in playing for their program.

Tip #4: Always contact coaches back ASAP. Once you start to get contact from interested coaches, be sure to get back with them immediately.

I see so many student athletes that wait “until they have time”.  This says to the coach that you aren’t really that interested in playing for their program and helping them win.

Tip #5: Get NCAA Eligible. This is a must if you want to play at any college in the NCAA.

The NCAA Eligibility Center will keep an official record of your GPA, core classes passed, and Test scores (SAT/ACT).

But you must register with them and make sure they get official copies of your transcript & test scores.

Tip #6: Quality, not quantity of contacts. Coaches are limited on the amount of contacts that they can have with you, so don’t get worried about how many times you are being contacted…

But instead pay more attention to the quality of the contacts (the fact that they have contacted you, especially if it’s more than once is important).

Now, you can contact them as much as you want.

Tip #7: Everything is up for negotiation. All of your financial aid & scholarship offers are up for negotiation.

Just because a coach makes you an offer, that doesn’t mean that it is final. You can let them know that you need more money.

Now that you know the beginning process of how to get a college football scholarship, you just have to start doing what I shared with you.

Of course this isn’t a all-inclusive post, but it will get you well on your way.

Thank you so much for reading, rootin’ for ya always,

Kenney Jr.


My name is Kenney Edwards, I love high school sports... but was fed up with the lack of information about recruiting and getting an athletic scholarship. So, I created "the recruiting secret" and the S.A.C. program (student athlete counseling) that informs, coaches, and teaches student athletes & their family on exactly what to do... with a student athlete counselor & community that is right by their side every day. Read more here: OUR MISSION: help athletes discover, develop & display their athletic superpower!

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