Here’s 5 power tips for helping you learn how to dunk a basketball, in the fastest time possible.

I remember when I was first learning how to dunk, I remember getting in trouble with my mom because I would stay out late, “pass the street lights coming on”… Lol, just trying to finally get that last bit of something that would help me to finally put the ball down.

Most of the time I was the only person still out shooting, jumping, playing games, and trying to dunk.

I had some extra challenges because I am a bit short (5′ 10″ & 5′ 8” at the time) and I can’t grip the ball, so I have to cock it way back.

How To Dunk

First: Vertical! There is nothing that can help you to dunk better than to increase your vertical leap (jump higher).

If you can “jump out the gym”, then dunking becomes so much easier.

So, starting a vertical jump training program is the first thing that you should do in order to be able to dunk (not jump shoes either).

Doing depth jumps, box jumps, and backboard slaps are great jump exercises for training your muscle to learn how to jump higher.

Second: Air position. The position at takeoff is not important only to help you to get the most out of your jump, but also to put you in a good position when attacking the rim.

Having a slight lean backward at takeoff will help you to be in good position in the air to help you to dunk.

Third: Holding the ball. This was a huge obstacle for me because I was never able to grip the ball.

So, I always have to cock the ball back, or bring it up fast and use the force from that movement to keep it in my hand while in the air.

So, it always looks like I am really trying to “bring it” and dunk hard but I am not.

You want to have your hand just slightly on the top half of the ball (whether you are able to grip it or if you are like me and using the force from a quick raise of the ball).

This hand position will help you have control over timing when dunking.

Fourth: Reps. You will need a lot of reps to slam.

It might not happen overnight, but confidence comes from doing reps… and with confidence your ability is really able to shine.

Also do some reps without the ball.

When you are getting close try tossing the ball of the backboard and then dunking from there. This will allow you to jump without the ball and that way you can use your arms better to help you apply more force in your takeoff.

Fifth: Lower Goal for success. In order to know what to do when you are up at a 10′ goal, considering playing (dunking) on a goal that is just a bit lower.

It shouldn’t be totally easy, you should still have to give it 100% to get it, but you want to be able to dunk on it 99% of the time to.  This are very important reps to help you be able to dunk when you get back up to 10′ feet.

When I was in Jr High I remember finding a 8 1/2′ outside goal and a different 9′ inside goal that I could use to dunk on.

These are the major points that helped the little skinny, short boy that I was to start dunking in the 8th grade. If you follow these tips you will quick learn how to dunk in no time.

Rootin’ for ya always,

Kenney Jr.


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