Here’s some golf swing tips that will help you to lower scores fast, by hitting the ball straighter and farther. That is the key to shooting low and consistent… the ability to hit far & straight & then to be able to putt the ball into the hole in 2 or less.

4 Golf Swing Tips – Lower Scores Fast

Tip #1: Warm up with your wedges & half swings – helps you to find rhythm & tempo (wedge to driver, then back to wedge). Your warm up gets you ready to play a great game. You should never just show up 5 minutes before tee time and expect to play a great game.

Also, golf is game of rhythm and when your rhythm is good and repeatable it will help you to find your swing and you’ll feel like you are in a groove so to speak. This swing is the foundation for all of your other swings.

Tip #2: Practice half of your time/shots within 50 yards of the green (short shots, sand, rough, & putting). Since a majority of your shots will come from within 50 yards of the green, shouldn’t you spend a majority of your time there?

Then you will have the confidence that if you can just get it close, you can get up and down with confidence and still score low.

Tip #3: Strength & Flexibility makes hitting further easier – you don’t have to try as hard. Many times when trying to hit the ball farther you try harder… swing harder &/or take the club farther back in your swing.

This causes all kinds of swing problems.

If you work on your strength then you can hit the ball longer without having to adjust your swing, swing hard, or take it back more. This simplifies the game tremendously.

Tip #4: Keep your left arm in straight and close to your chest during your take away if you find your shots going all over the place. Keeping the left arm straight and close to the chest (for a right handed player) fixes so many problems with slicing and hooking and errant balls.

If you find your balls and ball flight inconsistent, try connecting your left arm to your body throughout most of your swing.

Using the four golf swing tips will help you to lower scores fast, and play a golf game that is full of confidence & consistency. You will be shocked at how much funner golf if when you can play like this. Start expecting to play great and not hoping.

Rootin for ya always,

Kenney Jr.


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