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  • You don't have to be the greatest athlete in the world, a blue chip all american, or even break any high school records to get a box full of letters and be highly recruited... you just have to be a good athlete who knows how to contact the right person, at the right time, with the right message - and that... we can help you do!

“I can honestly say that if wasn’t for me learning the recruiting secret, I would have never gotten the scholarship offer to such a great school. I had a blast and it was so fun (an experience that I will never forget). I got to compete at the highest level & against the best in the nation because of what I stumbled upon revealed in the recruiting secret.”

Kenney Edwards
Kenney Edwards Richardson High School & Univ. of N. Iowa (Div I MVC Champion Decathlete and 4 x 100m Lead Off, Hurdler, High Jumper) former HS Recruit - Founder of ChampionshipCircle.com

"Who Else Wants To Get Recruited To Play Your Sport In College …And Get An Athletic Scholarship To Do It?"

The Biggest Myth About Being Recruited Is The Fact That…

Your coach, guidance counselor, and fellow athletes believe that if you just play the game well, the recruiters and the scouts will come.

This is NOT a movie.
This is NOT field of dreams.

And "if you build it, they won't come".

This IS real life.

Even worse…

…Most high school coaches would have you to believe that if the scouts and recruits don’t come you, you must not be what they are looking for or good enough.

This means that you are limited to what your high school coach thinks.
This means that you are limited to what your high school coach is ready, willing, and able to do for you.

You are limited to his/her beliefs about the recruiting process.

And I guarantee you they’re wrong!

Forget that.

I guarantee you that if your waiting for this you better be either a “blue chip” or one of the top recruits in your state (not what you think you are, but actually be ranked by actual major publications that think so, and that STILL may not matter…I’ll tell you why in a sec.)

I understand you may LOVE your coach.

I loved mine (well most of them). Still love’em today.  We're Facebook friends, but I am so glad that I didn’t let that love for them mess up my entire future.

I remember going back to my high school Alma Mater and interning for 2 years with the same wonderful coaches that I had when I was there.

And I got to hear the secrets that they talked about behind closed doors.

I wish I had this opportunity when I was in school. It’s was like being a fly on the wall…sweet!

I got to listen to them talk about the recruiting process and what they thought about certain athletes, their futures and where they thought they could get in at.

It Was A Bunch Of PooPoo

For one, they made college so puffed up that nobody could ever live up to those standards to get money.

Now I am not saying that it isn’t a challenge to get recruited and to get a scholarship.  What I am saying is that there are many many many opportunities for good solid athletes to find a college they can call home & get scholarship money to do so.

Now every college is different!!

There are different Divisions. And extremely different levels within each division.

When I first went to university on track scholarship I went with two of my best friends.

The next semester later I got 3 more of my best friends in. (they transferred from a NAIA school)

Check this out, one of them competed at the state meet in the 800m in Texas in class 5a…guess what, he ended up a NAIA school with very little money.

Now that’s all fine and dandy… But don’t tell me that it’s ALL about just being great.

He passed his test and was one of the best 800m runners in the country and he goes NAIA?


It was because he didn’t know the secret.

If you are not getting as many inquires, letters, and calls, as you’d like from college recruiters and scouts, I guarantee it’s because you are not implementing:

The Recruiting Secret

"You DON’T have to be some big shot athlete to get an athletic scholarship to the university of your choice.”

"You can be a good solid athlete as long as you know how to market yourself at the right time to the right audience.

Learn How I Used “The Recruiting Secret: Project Overload” To Get Over 150 Big Time Coaches, Recruits, & Scouts To Contact Me In 7 Days...

If you want to be highly recruited and get an athletic scholarship to college, then read every word on this page as it contains the secret to unlocking the scholarship vault.

It was late spring in Dallas, TX when I realized the secret.

I had already finished my first year of college at McNeese State University. (I didn’t come till January) and took the following spring off to model & act in New York

The coach that had recruited me and my compadres to the university had left… and although some of my best friends were there with me, I wanted to give my self the best chance at becoming a great athlete and to be apart of a great program.

I not only came there for them, but because I was going to get superb coaching. They were building a team around us.

But without the coach there I wasn’t staying.

So, I decided to transfer. I got the head coach to release me and then I, with the help of a close friend, put The Recruiting Secret to work.

Now… I got recruited out of high school.

But it wasn’t anything substantial. I had a lot of queries on my transcript and a good number of letters, that I later found in my head football coach’s office hidden in a “secret brown box” that I knew nothing about.

Yup he had kept over 6 months of letters and postcards that had been sent to me at a crucial point going into my senior year. Every single day he failed to even mention that he had them in his office.

I would have an occasional letter of some itty bitty school I’d never heard of in my locker after football practice, but not the sweet recruiting stuff I felt I would have gotten by then.

So, when I discovered this treasure trove of letters I was so sooo happy…BUT I was pissed at the same time.

I missed so many deadlines, calls, and information I felt that there was no way to catch up.

And to make matters worse we sucked it up that year as a football team. We had a lot of talent, but none of it was put to any good use on the football field.

I went out for my senior year of high school track and put the smack down early in the year before I had a season ending knee injury.

So, back to after my first year at university, With a very small budget I started to market myself.

Almost ALL the information I used was the EXACT same stats that I had from high school.

And The Results Are In

We had over 150 schools contact me. We had even more letters. It was so overwhelming that I had to forward all the calls to my dad’s house and let him handle them.

I didn’t know what to say. I was soooo freakin’ excited.

“I wanted to just say yes to everyone. Not very good negotiation skills, but that’s all part of what the recruiters count on when they call.”

This was fun.
This is what the recruiting process was suppose to be about.
This was the good stuff.

And not just any schools.

We had schools all across the board and I welcomed each and every one.

Florida State
Texas Tech
Michigan State
New Mexico State
Arkansas State
Northern Iowa
and the list goes on…

...As a matter of fact, after I had already accepted a scholarship to Northern Iowa and was on my way out the door to head up there… Georgia called and said they had a scholarship for me if I wanted to come that way.

Now why did I eventually choose N. Iowa when I got offers from the big schools listed above?

Remember, this whole process is about CHOOSING what's best for YOU!  And I believed that they were that, for me.

Because I was going to be a decathlete and we had a great coach, great team, great facilities, and one of the top “education major” schools.

They made me feel like a star and I loved them & the facilities & the program & the other athletes there.

Plus I was debating also playing football and they ran a spread offense, perfect for a wideout like me on turf in a dome. (Now remember N. Iowa is home of Kurt Warner, QB of the Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams, and Super Bowl MVP; NFL Stud Running Back David Johnson, NCAA Champion & World Championship Silver Medalist Joey Woody)

Not to mention we ended up being ranked (and still are) year in and year out as one of the top 25 Div 1 track schools in the country and one of the best education schools in the country also.

(update: my head coach then is now the head coach at Arkansas… the #1 overall track program in the country year in & year out and our head assistant coach is now at Oregon).

So, Yes big things do come in small packages.

What is the recruiting secret?

It will make the phone ring.
It will get you letters & postcards from college programs.
It will give you a competitive advantage over every other athlete.

...The recruiting secret will help you get scouted and recruited to almost every school of your choice.

I don’t care whether they have ever contacted you before.

I don’t care whether you haven’t been getting any letters or calls before.

I even don’t care if you haven’t been able to show off ALL your skills in games and practice (we have a little known method for getting around that too)

It’s very simple to understand and put to use.

It’s a step-by-step formula for getting your mail box to fill up and getting your phone to ring from the colleges of your choice.

It is based on components that are super easy to follow.

Yet if you ask most athletes, coaches, and many so called recruiting specialist they have no clue what to do.

BUT… all my students who learn the recruiting secret will literally laugh at those worries because they’ll know the secret.

When you understand the recruiting secret, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to get recruited that exist... you will know how to blast past all recruiting barriers.

How important is the recruiting secret?

How important is your future?
How important is your life?
How important is your sport?
How important is money?

It will allow you to be recruited and to stand strong when others athletes around you are struggling, failing, and flailing.

Coaches, recruits, and scouts will seek you out…instead of you chasing them down.

The Recruiting Flow Chart That does NOT Change

Solid Athlete + The Recruiting Secret = A Very Fun Recruiting Experience (& Hopefully An Athletic Scholarship)

Why Should I Learn The Recruiting Secret Now?

Because EVERY SINGLE DAY a letter, inquiry, questionnaire, social reply, email, call is going out that could have been yours.

Each program ONLY HAS a certain, finite, limited number of offers they can give out.  It's more freely given early, while getting tighter and tighter when there is little pie left.

If you haven’t already noticed competition is getting stiffer.  Athletes are getting better. There is more coverage of high school sports. The amount of money parents have to donate is getting higher.

Plus college programs just don't have the budget that most people think that they do for recruiting (especially in non high-profile sports).

***Remember one of my best friends (& one of the best 800m & 400m runners in the state of Texas) ended up at an NAIA school when he should have been on a full ride Div I because he didn’t know… what you have a chance to get your hands on today!!!

This works for any sport…

What I mean is…

If you want to stand out in front of the crowd, and you want to get an athletic scholarship to the school of your choice, you will definitely have a advantage.

Time goes by fast.

Before you know it your sophomore, your junior, your senior year, and then graduation will be upon you and if you haven’t put this secret to work you will always wonder “what if…”

What About Recruiting Services?

They blast your name to dozens (hundreds or even thousands for that matter) of coaches then sit back and wait.

Wait??? you don’t have time for waiting. Plus you are limited to the coaches that are in their system.

You can’t risk waiting.
You can’t risk your future.
You can’t risk your scholarship.

Getting recruited is about matching your abilities and talents with a school who needs you and has the money available.

Getting recruited is about personalization.

Getting recruited is about building relationships quickly.

Getting recruited is about YOU recruiting the school as much as they recruit you…

…about you learning about the school and program as much as you want them to get after you.

It's about being engaged and involved.

They don’t want someone to tell them we admire your school and program when they haven’t had a winning season in like 7 years. They want you to be real…be you, and take the time to learn a little about them.

This Is What The Recruiting Secret Is All About.

So, let me as you this question…

“If I Can Show You A Way To Get Dozens Of College Scouts, Recruiters, And Coaches To Contact You In A Week Or Two… Would You Join A Student Athlete Counseling Program That Shows You How?"...

I wish that when my family & I had recruiting questions, we had someone to talk to...

You. Now. Do.

"Learn The Secrets That Most Student-Athletes & Parents Will Never Know About How To Get Most, If Not All, Of Your Dream College Programs To "Come To You"... Send You Letters And Postcards, Recruit You, & Make You Scholarship Offers!"

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Kenney Edwards
Kenney Edwards


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Kim Turner, Ontario, Canada

I was an out-of-country recruit & a girl, and it worked for me. I became a huge recruit. There’s nothing like the thrill of playing college sports. If it wasn’t for putting to use the info that the athletes who get “The Recruiting Secret” will get, I would have never gotten to play Div I on a full ride, because they definitely don’t just beat your door down out here unless you use these secrets…

Kim Turner, Ontario, Canada Pitcher/Utility; Texas A&M Softball
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