Now’s the time!

If you want to get recruited and get an athletic scholarship to play college sports, then now’s the time to pony up, everyday counts and it goes by faster than you think.

Getting a scholarship is not for everyone though. Let me explain…

…If you don’t want to do the work that it takes to be great at your sport, then it’s not for you.

If you don’t want to spend the extra hours training and working your on position then college sports are not for you.

If you don’t talk about, think about, and live your sport then it’s not for you.

You have to LOVE your game!

If you love your game and are willing to do the hard physical work that it takes, hit the books in the class room, and sacrifice time, money, sweat, and tears then I am talking to you.

If you want to get recruited to play college sports… then here 4 tips that will help you.

1. You have to hit the books and pass your standard academic testing. Check with your counselor as to what your GPA is (the higher the better), but you don’t want to drop below a 3.1 (on a 4.0 scale). That’s not the bare minimum, but I am not talking to athletes that are just trying to get by, I am talking to athletes who want to be the best, who want to provide or give back to this world…

…I am talking to young folk who want to be great.

Then take your SAT or ACT test and make sure that together (GPA and testing scores) are high enough to qualify to play in the NCAA.

2. Train to become the best that you can at your sport and your position. Learn your sport and position inside and out. Then practice to make your strengths more dominate, but don’t totally leave behind your weakness, work on those too… Especially if they can get exposed in game time situations.

This may mean that you have to get off by yourself and practice for hours, or you may need to get a trainer or coach outside of your team coach, or you may need to buy some videos or books to learn how to be a better athlete and player.

3. Get more exposure. You need to be seen and noticed. You need to play at places where college coaches and scouts will see or hear about you. This can be school games, AAU, club sports, or college camps.

4. Make coaches aware of you. Colleges and universities are on limited recruiting budgets, and have limited time schedules. They can’t always afford to go after or try to recruit in areas outside of what’s close to home.

So, you have to help them. You have to let them know that, hey, I exist and I am interested in attending your school and playing sports there.

You can get recruited and get an athletic scholarship, but you have to do some work to get it. Playing college sports is a blast and playing on scholarship is even funner (lol).

Getting a scholarship is easier than you think if you’re ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to get one. This is the life of a athlete, get used to it.

Till next time… get your sweat on 😉


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