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Download: The Recruiting Package

Video #1 – The Recruiting Secret Introduction

Video #2 – College Is Sooo Important (Or is it???)

Video #3: The Recruiting Formula Explained

Video #4: Citius, Altius, Fortius – How To Determine If You’re “Good Enough?”

Video #5: THE 4 “Pieces to the Puzzle” …In Receiving a Athletic Scholarship

Video #6: A Match? Choosing The Right School For You

Video #7: How To Get The ATTENTION Of A Athletic Recruiter

Video #8: Getting ATTENTION – Part II

Video #9: “A” – “B” Pile or Trash – DID Your info just get tossed in the garbage…and how to keep it out?

Video #10: The Blue Book – Find the important (and correct) contact info

Video #11: The Underrated “power” of Liking – How To Get What You Want (With a smile on your face)

Video #12: Keeping the “coaches” Attention (The most valuable asset)

Video #13: The Art Of War (The strategy and game plan that you need to know)

Video #14: THE Phone Call -> THE Visit

Video #15: The BIG Financial Picture (Most scholarships aren’t full rides…now what?)

Resource: The BIG Financial Picture: I’ve read all the books, surfed the Internet and done all the research. If you’re serious about getting the most financial aid and scholarships the law allows go to this website! Money4College123… (we got you a 10% discount)

Video #16: Eligibility Essentials