Jump Manual Review

There is a old saying: Citius, Altius, Fortius… which is Latin for: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”… The second of the two is “Higher”… and that’s what the Jump Manual is all about.

Vertical Jump

Up up and away

If you wanna be a better athlete, a more dominate athlete, and reach your full potential at any level (or go to the next level) you have to be able to perform faster, higher, and stronger than your competition.

I am not usually one to brag on a product, but the “Jump Manual” is sick. It’s is the absolute best vertical jumping product out. Getting above the rim, above the net, above the fence, or impressing scouts & spectators can only be done if you have a great vert.

The BIG Secret

If you want to increase your vertical, there is one thing that you must be able to do exceptionally great… have a high contraction speed.

That means that (once you have enough strength to overcome your body weight resistance) you need to be able to contract your muscles at a high rate.

The faster your contraction speed the higher that you will be able to jump. There are a ton of ways to increase your contraction speed (like training your nervous system to react faster).

This will have the biggest impact on how high you jump. That’s what the Jump Manual is all about… teaching you exactly step-by-step how to jump higher & increase your vertical with little known jumping exercises & training that force your body to jump higher.

For example: One of the exercises that you will use is called a depth jump. Now this exercise is when you jump off of a box, hit the ground, and quickly jump right back up to another box.

The reason that you do this is to work on contraction time, so it has to be done right and it has to be done on boxes that are the right height for that particular workout (don’t worry Jacob Hiller goes over this in the manual).

He will also teach you why, if you are getting fatigued during your vert jump training then you are doing it wrong, and what you should be feeling instead. A few more things that Jacob covers beside exactly what to do to increase your vertical by 10″ is: the supplements, diet, & nutrition that make you jump higher (AND why you shouldn’t be using jump shoes to help).

A Quick Story – Jump Mania

I am an old fart (Lol..not really, 32) and I am 5′ 10″…and I can wake up in the morning, fresh out of the bed and “kiss them rim”…

increase your vertical

Got Ups?

I also started playing outdoor 2-on-2 sand volleyball about 4 years ago, and in my first year I went from a BB player to a AA player (high as it goes without going pro) all because of my ability to jump.

I couldn’t “play” when I first started, but I sure could put the ball down whenever my partner had a chance to set me, so we could always score… And I made the opposing team try and beat us with place shots because I would take away a lot of killing opportunities because of being above the net (fear) Lol…just kidding, but it’s true though.

So, I don’t care about tooting my own horn, and I don’t want to impress you AT ALL (well maybe a little) j/k… I say that because you can dominate your sport by becoming a better jumper. The game just becomes easier when you can jump

AND all of the tips that helped me to jump higher you can learn in the “Jump Manual”… that’s why I wanted to write this Jump Manual review.

I think that every athlete should know about it. It cuts right to the chase of how to jump higher, safely too.

You won’t do 1,000 squats in one day (doesn’t’ work).
You won’t do some stupid crazy diet (actually lose inches).
You won’t have to buy $125 jump shoes.

One of my favorite sections about the jump manual is the teaching about supplements, diet, & injuries. I remember thinking to myself when I read that info that… man I wish I had this back then. This was stuff that I had to learn through trial & error and the “school of hard knocks” which cost me my last year of eligibility in college (you don’t wanna learn it the hard way).

Anyhoo, I can go on and on about the Jump Manual, but I will let you decide. The manual isn’t perfect, but it will give you all the info that you need to jump high, and I totally recommend it (which I don’t do often).

You should watch the new jump video that he made…

Have a great day

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Kenney Edwards