Highschool Sophomore Offered a $750,000 Contract


Baltimore, Maryland, USA (NEWSTABULOUS) – Aquille Carr is just an average teenager who goes to high school.

He is a sophomore, who plays basketball.

Sounds normal right? Oh wait, no, it’s not…because this 17 year old was offered a $750,000 contract!

Aquille was born on Aquilles, and he plays basketball on a team from Patterson High School in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This team recently went to a tournament held in Milan, Italy.

He lead his school to a gold medal and his coach and principal say that he is the best player they have ever had. They also said that he runs like lightening, and when you see him score, it is unbelievable to watch.

Per game, Carr scored more than 40 points. He is very short too, that’s another thing. He is only 5-foot-6 at 17 years old.

Harry Martin, his coach, told a Prep Rally:
“I think he’s committed to playing for Patterson for the next two years, and then he would consider all options…I think it’s just him keeping his options open…This time next year, we’ll have a better understanding what he’s doing academically and what his options are.”

After he graduates, he says he will take the offer by the time it is the year 2013.


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