For many years Hawaii has been known for its big waves, amazing culture, fun in the sun, and its surfing.

Yet, surfing wasn’t considered a interscholastic surfing program. That’s all about to change.

State officials have decided that surfing become a interscholastic surfing program. It’s estimated that the program will cost about $150,000 a year to run the statewide program, and they plan on seeking corporate help to support the program.

That would make surfing available to 46 high schools across the state to compete in formal surf competitions.

Before this, high school surfing was just a club sport. The reason that the state is able to add the program, despite a tight budget, is because of the help from corporations.

Competition is set to begin in the spring semester of 2013 for both girls and boys.

The school board, state officials, and Governor Abercrombie are very excited about the idea. Surfing is such apart of the culture in Hawaii and is known and the “birthplace” of surfing.

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