I was just getting ready to blog today when I saw this story and checked it out. I couldn’t not blog about this today.

(Dallas, TX) Mike Flynt, a 59 year grandpa from Texas, has to quench his burning desire to play football. Mike’s biggest regret in life was getting kicked off his college team before his senior year, so once he confirmed his eligibility he went back to finish what he started.

After intense training he made the roster at his old Division III school, Sul Ross State.

A longtime strength and conditioning coach at Nebraska, Oregon and Texas A&M, he’s spent the last several years selling the Powerbased training system he invented.

Flynt, played for the first Odessa Permian team to win state in 1965. Yup, it’s the team featured in “Friday Night Lights”.

So why did Flynt decide to go back now? He just never lost his drive and burning desire to do so. He would have been captain the year he was kicked off and felt like he let everyone down. It has been eating at him for years. Mike says he still feels like he is still in his 20’s or early 30’s.

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Never Give Up On Your Dreams,

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