I wish that when I was competing in high school and I had questions like...

  • Do I contact the college coaches, or do I wait for them to contact me?
  • Do I just contact the schools (coaches & recruiters) that I am interested in, or do I contact more...
  • Do I make a highlight film, and if so who do I send it too?
  • Should I apply only to schools where I’ve talked to the coaches, or all schools I’m interested in?
  • Should I use my “official visit” or unofficial visit?
  • Should I take the SAT or the ACT & what do I have to score...
  • ...And should I take the test more than once (why)?

Or even when I had questions like...

  • Other than just the school application, is there any other forms that I should be filling out?
  • Other than the normal student qualifications, are there any different requirements that are required for a “student athlete”?
  • What happens if I don’t get a full scholarship, and I don’t have the money to pay for school...
  • Do I still need to fill out financial aid forms even though I am pursuing a sport scholarship
  • Am I NCAA Eligible (how do I know & keep up-to-date with my Eligibility)?
  • Is there any other preparation that I should take to be ready academically for going to college?
  • Should I take summer classes, or is another way to ease my work load when I get to college...
  • What GPA do I need to get recruited?
  • My situation is unique… How do I personally increase my chances of getting noticed by college coaches & scouts?

...That I Had Someone I Could Talk To

Well, now you do.

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...(AND I didn’t have the slightest clue why & when I found out it was too late).

I had 3 friends end up at schools waaaaay below there ability level their first year in college when they could have went Div I, another 4 friends end up at Junior Colleges (One is now a 3 time Olympic Athlete) when they could have played Div I on scholarship or Div II, and that is all because they didn’t know what to do (& they had no one to talk to).

You. Now. Do.

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