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Learn how to jump and increase your vertical (for all athletes). Play your game at a “higher” level. Jumping tips, drills, and exercises.

How To Dunk: Power Tips For Getting Above The Rim

Here’s 5 power tips for helping you learn how to dunk a basketball, in the fastest time possible. I remember when I was first learning how to dunk, I remember getting in trouble with my mom because I would stay out late, “pass the street lights coming on”… Lol, just trying to finally get that…

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How Can I Jump Higher: Sky High Jumping Tips

Here’s how you can jump higher, reach new heights, and play at a higher level by increasing your vertical jump big time. If you play any sport that requires you to jump, use your quickness, or explosive movements then you will benefit from vertical jump training. It will help you to become a more dominate…

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How To Train Yourself To Jump Higher

Here’s how to train yourself to jump higher, increase your vertical, and become a better athlete because of it. Learning to jump higher is a choice, not something that you are only “born” with. Yes, genes play apart, they alone don’t make you jump high… And whether you were “born” with them or not, you…

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