was i scared?

i mean, i must have been right?

why, then knowing as much as i know… systems and all…

would i not put myself, my love, my heart out there… my passion to give, to help other athletes, parents, youth, coaches?

instead i would rather do something that doesn’t fulfill my purpose………. my deepest desires?

today is the day that that ends… and so, the journey begins to leave a legacy, to give hope, to love and put out there using the knowledge i have accumulated toward one FOCUS!!!

…and thus the real, the new, “championship circle” is born, and hopefully, i can help

follow along with the business side of the journey and hopefully i can inspire you to, to JUMP and enjoy the feeling of being vulnerable with what you truly @LOVE!!!!!

the beginning


thanks for listening.

P.S. A special pre-thanks to a few (who don’t even know) how much they have helped, inspired, and given rifle like instruction and direction: @GOD, @MyLilFamily, @JeffPaul, @TravisSago, @MikeMurdock, @TimFerriss, @LukeJaten, @RyanLee, @FrankKern, @TaiLopez

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Love you guys, see you soon,