I hate watching high school athletes fail miserably at getting recruited when it should be so easy…

No matter what sport your in or how good you are, if you want to have the greatest chance of getting an athletic scholarship, you have to do the bare minimum I have listed below…

1. Keep/Get your grades up. The Clearing House can give you the updated requirements you need to maintain eligibility.

2. Make sure you have passed the SAT or ACT (some colleges have their own standards also, so check with their requirements also). Make sure you get an updated list of what you have to score according to your GPA. Now don’t settle for just getting by, take the test again and again and again and keep working on getting your GPA up. Some universities require higher scores for their schools.

3. Register with the NCAA Clearing House.

4. Contact at least 100 schools and submit an “athletic questionnaire”. No, your coach isn’t going to do it for you. If you think so, the next time you see them ask “How many letters have you sent out on my behalf”?or “How many schools have you contact on my behalf”?

I’ll save you the time… None. Maybe there have been inquiries about you and they have returned calls, but that’s not actively marketing you. Your coach has probably told you that if you are going to get a scholarship the colleges/universities will contact you.

Bologna! Yes, some will… but you will never reach the full potential of choices you have until you actively market yourself.

5. Practice diligently and consistently perform well in your games & competitions. Just relax and give it all you’ve got every single game. You have to have skills. But you’ll be surprised at what some coaches see, I think they call it…… Potential! If you couple that with great work ethic and #6 below you’ve got a great chance.

6. Have a good attitude and be likable!  If you have a bad attitude or coaches cant seem to get along with you, you make it a lot harder for them to want to recruit you…especially over the thousands of other athletes.  Even though there are 150,000 new scholarship available every year, there are millions of athletes, so one way to stand out is to be likable.

You can get the athletic college scholarship you want, at a school of your choice, but avoid one of the steps above and you may end up paying for college or worse… At Home for your freshman year of college.

To Your Immediate and Lasting Success,

Kenney Jr.

About The Author

My name is Kenney Edwards, I love high school sports... but was fed up with the lack of information about recruiting and getting an athletic scholarship. So, I created "the recruiting secret" and the S.A.C. program (student athlete counseling) that informs, coaches, and teaches student athletes & their family on exactly what to do... with a student athlete counselor & community that is right by their side every day. Read more here: OUR MISSION: help athletes discover, develop & display their athletic superpower!

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